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Connie Tells's characters are personified animals who, thanks to imagination, educate kids by teaching modern values, such as: respect for others and for the environment, love for family and animals but especially self-confidence.

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Connie Tells combines the game not only with the learning of values but also of a language because young readers / listeners can learn easily the first few words of Italian, English and Chinese. Every tale by Connie Tells faces an environmental or social issue and in any tale the interactive game is a funny educational moment where toddlers can learn on their own in full safety. At the end of every tale there are 8 words read and animated in a funny way in three languages: Italian, English and Chinese, to educate the little kids to sounds of different languages.

Download Flash Cards, free for iPhone

Download Flash Cards, free for iPhone. You'll have fun with animations of words and easily learn English, Italian and Chinese

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